Contingent Staffing

The Flexible Path to Scalable Agility

Leveraging Contingent Staffing

Match your processes to your workforce

The new economy is pushing HR Pros to strategically rethink their workforce more than ever. In 2018, Deloitte performed an analysis of global human capital trends and found that "more than 40 percent of workers are now employed in alternative work arrangements, such as contingent, part-time, or gig work." With the growing millennial workforce desiring more freedom and flexibility in their employment, we can only expect that number to rise - especially in the tech industry.

Stay ahead of your needs

Customize your staff according to your needs. Be agile. Ramp up and down quickly on projects. Allow your company to stay very nimble in an extremely competitive technical environment. Contingent staffing ensures that projects of scale begin on time and, upon completion, allow you to ramp down your workforce to sustainable levels.

Reduce your costs

Reduce your risk of hiring the wrong cultural fit or overstaffing. With highly-trained, highly-qualified candidates consistently coming in - ready to hit the ground running - you have the flexibility to meet the needs of your business and be sure you’re adding the right people for your organization. In the end, using contingent staffing can reduce your overall labor costs and turn what could be a frightening new economic landscape into a world of opportunity.

"We have had a long standing partnership with HRU that has benefited both companies. HRU helps us source and hire the best contingent technical talent, many of which we end up hiring as permanent staff. It’s a win-win proposition for us. We know we are hiring great employees, because we’ve already seen them in action."

- Kelly Burton

What HRU means to you.

Quality Talent

We work with every client to build an end-to-end, customized process that produces the best talent in the industry.

Flexible Staff

Our recruiters are prepared to react at a moment’s notice to fill your needs. Our clients routinely start using us for contingent staffing, and then move those contractors to full-time positions.

Informed Decisions

HRU creates company-specific staffing metrics and will share our industry benchmarks and best practices. You will see continuous, data-driven improvement informed by not only your analytics, but the entire market’s.

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