Direct Hire Staffing

The Deep End of the Talent Pool

How to Fill the Hard-to-Fill

Live in the details

A hard-to-fill position isn't difficult because no one wants it. It's difficult because so few of those who want it match your organization and the specific requirements of the role. To successfully staff this position, you have to know everything you want in that candidate to the point where you can already see their resume sitting on your desk - you even know what font they used. Without living in the details of the role, hard-to-fill can become impossible-to-fill.

Great talent is good, but a great fit is ideal

It may seem ridiculous, but you just can't settle for great in this kind of roles. You need great, but also someone who fits on the team like a gear fits in a grandfather clock. Anything but perfect won't suffice, and you will be looking for someone else before you know it.

Singular focus and dedicated time. A lot of time.

Focus. Time. Familiarity. More time. Oh, did we mention you might need time to fill this role? Don't kid yourself into thinking you have the time needed, not with everything else you are responsible for. HRU knows how much leg work goes into finding the perfect fit for hard-to-fill roles and our specialized recruiters work 24/7 to make time move faster for you. We rely on your partnership to learn everything about your needs, and then we use all of our resources, experience, and expertise to find the ideal candidate in record time.

“I trust the process and recruiters at HRU to provide us with great candidates that meet our high-qualifications. I have to, it’s my reputation on the line when I present a HRU candidate to my hiring managers. The hiring manager expects good, solid candidates and HRU delivers. Which allows me to focus on creating a great work environment and retaining our employees here at Gestamp.”

- Brian Rush, Gestamp HR

How HRU Does It Better


HRU aims to work as a seamless arm of your recruiting and HR department, working with you and your hiring managers to produce the most dynamic search.

Intensive Sourcing

HRU customizes each candidate search to your specifications, developing a sourcing plan based on your environment, competitors and industry.

Bulletproof Screening

Intensive screening of each candidate presented is a given with HRU recruiters. Our recruiters are trained in multiple interviewing styles and dig deep into the motivation of candidates before we present them to our clients.

Time, money, peace of mind: Everything you get when you contact us today!