2022 Could Be The Year of The Great Retention

After 2021—the year of The Great Resignation, The Great Realignment, or whatever term best describes your experience in HR—most of us are hoping 2022 and beyond will be a little less chaotic. But hope alone won’t shape a better future of work. The pandemic fundamentally altered employee priorities and expectations, and organizations must adapt. Employees aren’t just leaving their jobs for more money; they’re leaving because they have limited career opportunities, don’t feel valued, and lack flexible work options— essentially, they’re leaving to improve their quality of life.

If we have learned anything, it’s the value of high-performing employees. As organizations around the globe analyze where they’ve been and where they’re going, the employee experience is taking center stage. Organizations can no longer get away with delivering an average (or below average) employee experience and expect to compete in today’s talent marketplace.

Organizations need to enter the era of The Great Retention: a time dedicated to refocusing energy and
resources on delivering an exceptional employee experience that makes workers feel valued, appreciated, supported, and encouraged to remain with your organization for years to come.

President of HRU Technical Resources Tim Sackett has collaborated with Oracle to bring you their newest eBook “2022 Could Be The Year of The Great Retention”.