Our Staff


Judy Daniels


Judy started HRU in 1980 after a successful start to her career in running various branch offices for national staffing firms. Her big break came at a pre-holiday party when speaking to the husband of a close friend, who happened to be an Engineering Director of General Motors. He was struggling to find Engineers – Judy’s response “I can do that!” and she’s been doing that ever since!

Tim Sackett


Tim is one of the few HR pros who has been on both sides of the desk. With over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition, Tim has worked as a staffing director on the corporate side with companies like Applebee’s International, ShopKo Stores, Inc. and Sparrow Health System. He also has had two stints with HRU – first coming to us directly out of college for eight years, then returning – a la the Prodigal Son – to run HRU after a nine-year sabbatical on the corporate side of the fence (and his story is closer to the Biblical reference than you might think!). Tim is an active HR blogger, conference presenter and advocate for a Diet Mountain Dew soda fountain in the office. He truly believes that the most important role of HR in any organization is to increase the talent.

Todd Briggs

Vice President of Business Development

Todd just celebrated his 30th Anniversary with HRU. He is responsible for developing much of HRU’s business across multiple industries. He knows that new business development is a non-stop endeavor, stating that it takes a lot of determination, patience, persistence and vision to build a successful client relationship, but when you are done, everyone is satisfied and happy with the results. He attended Grand Valley State University and Hillsdale College, studying engineering and business. Outside of work, Todd enjoys spending time with his wife, and is a proud dogfather. He also plays competitive baseball throughout Michigan and competes annually in the Roy Hobbs World Series in Florida. Todd plays the guitar & drums, and enjoys hunting and fishing. His favorite quote: “Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those doing it.” – Chinese Proverb

Teresa Carper, JD

VP of Operations

Teresa, or “Trish” as we like to call her, is from the big city of Chicago. Trish graduated from Tri-State University with a bachelor’s in Management. After working several years in the field of HR she decided it was time for a law degree, so she packed up her husband and all her animals – she has a lot of animals – and moved to Michigan to attend Cooley Law School. When Trish is not busy overseeing office operations, she can be found in the country with her husband and hanging out with her animals. Trish is known as the pet lady – and we aren’t just talking cats and dogs… we’re also talking about squirrels and racoons — and has as many animals as her husband will let her have (and/or rescue)!

Jacki Rieder

VP of Finance

Jacki graduated from Northwood University with a degree in Business Administration. She has been at HRU for 12 years and is responsible for keeping the company finances in order. During the day, you can typically find Jacki pouring herself a cup of coffee. She is a mom of two girls, a wife, and the designated office therapist – though she unfortunately doesn’t have a fancy therapy chair. During her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her kids and husband, binge watching Cops Live PD, and napping. She is a firm believer in “a nap a day keeps the crabby away”.



Aaron Hale

Talent Acquisition Manager

Aaron has been with HRU for 9 years and genuinely enjoys working with clients to hire the best possible fit for their organization. In Aarons opinion, there’s no better feeling than the gratitude received from someone for helping them get their foot in the door. He grew up in Grand Rapids, MI – which he claims is the greatest place on earth with the exceptions of Disneyland, Vegas, Italy and a few others) — and graduated from Grand Valley State University. He also firmly believes that GVSU is the greatest University on earth – except for Michigan State University (Go Green/Go White!). As a fan of healthy competition, he loves all things sports related. He is a true family man whose greatest joy is watching his daughter grow up and being an avid participant in chauffeuring her to ballet practice.

Zach Jensen

Talent Acquisition Manager

Zach graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s in HR and Society. Zach previously worked as a bar bouncer and manager. He has now found a home in technical talent acquisition where he has worked for 7 years. He loves learning new client businesses and has seen how good staff augmentation can change the trajectory of an organization. He holds extensive knowledge of cocktail ingredients and best HR practices. Zach is the designated office barista known for making the best pots of coffee. Zach is often asked (more like demanded) by his coworkers to make them a cup of coffee – but don’t worry, he doesn’t mind doing it. Outside the office, he serves on the board for Girls on the Run of Mid-Michigan to help give back to his community. Zach hold championships in both golf and bowling, both of which are sports he is terrible at (good teammates and blind luck?). When not playing “lifetime sports” you can either find him at Red Wings games looking for the silver lining on a rebuilding team or doing his best Guy Fieri impression in the kitchen.

Breanne Zuziak

Payroll Coordinator/Accounts Payable Manager

Bre graduated from Central Michigan University (did I just hear a “Fire Up Chips!”?) with her B.S.B.A and a major in Human Resources. She spends her typical work day keeping track paychecks and working with numbers. She is also the office’s designated craft person! During Bre’s spare time, she enjoys traveling out of the country (she has been to 10 countries!), however, she does not speak any foreign languages. She enjoys reading books, drinking wine, and attending Jimmy Buffet concerts (she is a hardcore parrot head).

Lori Johnson

HR Assistant

Lori has been at HRU for 19 years and handles the onboarding process, insurance, and other HR related tasks. She is also part of the office fun committee, helping to keep things in the office interesting! Lori is a mom of three boys and spends much of her time in the bleachers cheering her kids on at sporting events. When she is not working or tending to her family, you can find her in the gym. She takes workout classes everyday (yes, we’re serious – everyday!) and teaches fitness classes. During her spare time, she enjoys reading and snuggling with her cat, Lincoln.

Patty Davis

Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Patty is a graduate of MSU’s Honors College with a degree in Journalism and Visual Communications. She comes to HRU from Quicken Loans FOC. She has ran 8 marathons, 3 triathlons, and was a competitive gymnast her whole life. In her free time, Patty can be found at the gym, thrift shopping, or talking to her identical twin sister. She is also an avid fan of MSU’s football team, and you can find her at every game cheering on the field goal kicker. She enjoys visiting her hometown of Traverse City and is proud to have been a candidate for the 2019 Cherry Festival Queen.



Chris Bates

Technical Recruiter

Chris holds a B.A from Northwood University and an M.B.A from the University of Phoenix. He came to us after working in the music industry then as an academic consoler. He has been at HRU Technical Resources as a recruiter for 3 years now and enjoys the satisfaction of helping others find jobs. In his spare time, you can find him golfing – he is part of HRU’s golf league and claims that -he is one of the best – or playing basketball. Chris can also be found working at his side job as a DJ (He goes by DJ Butta – check him out). Aside from swinging irons, shootin’ hoops, and dropping sick beats he enjoys hanging out with his wife and two children.

Andrew Klenk

Technical Recruiter

Andrew is a University of Michigan graduate with a Bachelors in Philosophy. He has a background in IT, Sales, Customer Service, and Technical Support. Andrew is upbeat, positive and loves recruiting because he enjoys helping others. Andrew is HRU’s resident nerd and he loves keeping up on the latest tech trends! He enjoys rock climbing, astronomy, gardening, reading, and long walks in the rain and Pina Coladas!

Ellen Dally

Technical Recruiter

Ellen is a Michigan State University graduate and comes to HRU with 20 years of background in retail, staffing and customer service. She has a passion for ensuring customers and clients are not only satisfied, but impressed with the service she provides. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her kids and husband, in that order. She also enjoys going camping, wine tasting and karaoke. Her goto karaoke song is High Enough by Damn Yankees!

Brian McIntosh

Technical Recruiter

Brian graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is a US Army Veteran that deployed with the legendary 1st Cavalry Division to Iraq to support Operation New Dawn and to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Brian is a father who loves spending time with his son doing almost any outdoor activity. He is also a dog lover and loves spending time playing with puppies. In his free time, Brian enjoys sand storms, flying in Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters at high speeds and low altitudes through mountain ranges, and sending “big boy bullets” down range.

Chance Smith

Technical Recruiter

Chance graduated from Alma College with a Business Management degree. He wrestled for four years in college and still enjoys heavy lifting and eating dinner twice. Chance started at HRU in 2017 and enjoys recruiting as it gives him the ability to learn and get to know people. Chance is known to drink a record amount of coffee during the work day, taking the phrase, “running on coffee” to a whole new level. Outside of work, Chance loves to spend time in the great outdoors. In the summer, he can be found reeling in some fish and during the fall he can be found up in a tree stand calling in deer (the hunting fever here is real folks). Also, in his spare time, Chance enjoys traveling and watching UFC fights.

Jeff Haynes

Technical Recruiter

Jeff graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute with a degree in Biblical Studies and World Missions. He then worked as a Pastor for 10 years. Jeff also has previous experience in customer service, marketing, and sales. Now, his mission is to play matchmaker and place the right candidates in the right jobs. Part of what makes Jeff an awesome recruiter is that he loves working with people and is great at building relationships. In his free time, Jeff can be found hanging out with his daughter either at the zoo, camping, cooking food, or reading a book. Jeff is also a HUGE fan of soccer. He loves watching soccer, coaching youth soccer, and considers himself “an all-star” soccer player. As an avid Tottenham Hotspur fan, Jeff just wants to say, “Come on you Spurs”!

Gary Howell

Technical Recruiter

Gary has a Bachelors degree in Business from Northwood University and an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Lansing Community College. With 20 (+) years of experience in executive & professional level placement expertise Gary’s niche includes, but is not limited to, engineering, financial, manufacturing and management/supervision. His goal is to provide you the best opportunity for the next step in your career. He’s a professional recruiter who will not only work for you but with you on finding your next professional career opportunity. When you are seeking a new career path finding a recruiter that will keep your best interest in mind may be the difference in a true rewarding professional career. In his free time Gary enjoys golfing, fishing and other outdoor activities. His is a life long Detroit Lions fan so he is used to the roller coaster ride associated with watching Detroit Lions Football.