Attracting Passive Candidates

With job openings reaching an all-time high at the start of the new year and unemployment rates hitting a historic low, it’s no surprise that the current labor market situation has influenced the “job-hopping” trend. A record number of candidates are quitting their jobs for the first time since the numbers have been recorded.

So, what does the current market situation mean for recruiters?

Well, with market conditions leaving talent scarce, everyone is a prospect. Attracting passive candidates is more crucial than ever and the competition is fierce. It’s up to recruiters to spot potential talent and attract them into a new, better role that benefits the candidate and the company that they’re recruiting for.

How do you recruit passive talent?

Get on Their Radar

Your company brand should always be on potential candidates radar. Utilize your social media to stay relevant and post content showcasing how awesome it would be to work for your company. Use your social accounts to build connections with potential candidates and don’t be afraid to reach out by sending them a direct message. Another way to connect with prospective candidates is by posting on your social pages that you’re hiring and ask your network to share your post and drop the name of someone in the job market in the comments.

If you attend any events like trade-shows, career fairs, or conferences make sure that you actively network. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to everyone. Trade contact information, provide them with some sort of branded swag, and then follow up by email or phone telling them how nice it was to meet them. Let them know that they can reach out to you if they ever are looking for a new job or if they know someone who is.

Be Ready to Act

When you know you’re going to be actively seeking passive talent for an open role, make sure to get your hiring manager involved and ready to act. They should be ready to interview candidates quickly after submission and able to immediately answer any candidate questions. They will need to be able to make hiring decisions fast before passive candidate lose interest or get picked up by a competitor.

Provide Meaning

When reaching out to passive candidates, don’t send out your standard recruiting message. The best way to reach out to passive candidates whether it’s through email, social media, or InMail, is to personalize each message and embed it with meaning. Automated, standard messages lack meaning and often come across as spam-like, thus not getting opened. In your message, express to the candidate why they stood out to you, what role you are trying to fill, and why you think that they would be a good fit. Leave the conversation open by asking if they are open to new opportunities and if the role you have sounds like a good fit.

Keep the Door Open

Even if a passive candidate says that they’re not interested, keep open communication with them. Let them know that when they’re considering a new career to keep your company in mind and that you would love to talk to them. Also, ask them about what might make them change careers and what they’ll be looking for in their next career. This way, if a different job pops up that they would be a fit for you can always reach out again.

This is also a great opportunity to ask for a referral. Maybe they’re not looking to change careers or aren’t interested in the position but know someone else that would be a great fit that they could refer to you.

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