Working with HRU

Core Values & Culture

At HRU, every team member embodies our core values. We create strong partnerships with our clients and work together to achieve common goals. We maintain these relationships through commitment, leadership, and continuous learning to make sure we always deliver superior results and stay on top of the cutting-edge tools that put us at the forefront of our industry. Everyone takes accountability for their work so that, at the end of the day, we can celebrate our triumphs together and have a damn good time doing it.





Continuous Learning



Having Fun

If you’re looking for someone to tell you what to do, this isn’t the place for you. We are a metrics driven organization, because we love data, but we will not babysit you! We hire people who are doers, who ask for forgiveness, not permission.

We are always working, however we’re flexible with the hours which you work. Need to leave early to pick your kid up? That’s fine, stay late the next day. Want to go grab a coffee? That’s fine too! Working at HRU isn’t about putting in hours, it’s about being successful.

We truly believe the best way to grow professionally is to spend time learning and developing. We provide you with new training opportunities and encourage you to pursue your own. We also help with financial assistance for training. We can’t guarantee that you will want to work with us forever, but we can guarantee that you will leave here with valuable, transferable skills.

Need caffeine to get through the day? Make a stop at the kitchen to pour yourself a cup – or five – to get through the day. On the last Friday of each month, we spend the last work hour hanging out drinking beer (or whatever beverage you enjoy). We have a beer fridge in the kitchen! We also throw team lunches and celebrations.

As a Corporate Employee

A great place to work is less about free drinks and ping pong tables and more about career growth and development. We can’t promise that you’ll love working here at HRU, but we can promise that we will help you learn a set of skills that will allow you to have a successful career for the rest of your life. We hope that you will want to stay and use those skills with us and be wildly successful, but understand not everyone will and that’s okay. At the end of the day, being a corporate employee at HRU will be a great and valuable learning experience.

  • Zach, Talent Acquisition Manager

    “I have been with HRU for over 7 years which says a lot in agency staffing. HRU is great because it is a smaller firm that really seeks to partner with their clients. These relationships have helped me become a better recruiter and manager because they allow us to really understand the nuances of what our clients need. We really shine when our clients need flexibility as we can make process changes at the drop of a hat. We also get to play with some of the newest talent acquisition technology out there and are constantly looking at new tools to make us more efficient in a tight technical job market. However, the backbone of HRU has always been the people. It is a group that cares about what they do and the contract employees they support.”

  • Breanne, Accounts Receivable and Payable

    “HRU is a great place to work. The people that work here are truly amazing. Since the first time I step foot in HRU’s headquarters I have felt nothing but welcomed, supported, and accepted. My coworkers have become my second family and I am so grateful that HRU brought us together.”

  • Brian, Recruiter

    “Working for HRU has been a very rewarding and gratifying experience. As a veteran myself, it means a lot to be able to assist transitioning service members or veterans find meaningful careers after serving. Transitioning from the military is not an easy task, so being there as a resource for our nation’s veterans is very fulfilling. Next to serving in the Army, being a recruiter for HRU is the best job I’ve ever had.”

  • Matthew, Recruiter

    “HRU is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons why: feels like family, flexible work schedules, suggestions for changes are received openly, easy to implement changes, great co-workers, friendly environment, training opportunities, senior staff seems to really care that employees are happy and motivated, plenty of celebrations and lots of reasons to celebrate!”

  • Jeffery, Recruiter

    “What has impressed me most about HRU-Tech is the autonomy that is given to employees. I have the freedom to try new things, to be creative, and to run my desk my way as long as I am hitting the measurable goals that are set in place. The other wonderful thing about HRU is the support that is provided to recruiters. The back-office staff along with the whole recruiting staff work together seamlessly to create an environment where each recruiter can be successful. The happy hours and continual fun committee events also feed the positive atmosphere that exists in the office.”

As a Candidate

Without great, talented candidates there is no HRU. The candidates we work with are the lifeblood of our company. Our promise to candidates is that we’ll do everything in our power to help them reach their career goals. We work with exceptional companies that are looking for great talent and we need the best candidates to help fulfill those needs. If you’re a candidate, let us represent you in your career journey and have a rewarding experience along the way.

  • “My experience with HRU was great! They treated me the way an employer is supposed to and made the process enjoyable. I am thankful for HRU and everything they did for me!”

    – Leonard, Cycle Count Clerk
  • “My hesitation with working for a contracting service was quickly dismissed after my first conversation with Lesleigh, my recruiter. At the time, I was going through a rough time with a family loss. Lesleigh understood and showed genuine concern and empathy. She prepared me for the job and was there for me every step of the way. This company is not your typical contracting service. HRU Tech is in a class of its own.”

    – Joe, Forklift Operator
  • “I throughly enjoyed working with HRU. They have a great team of professionals who are always available for onboarding, immigration related support, and recruitment related support. Thank you, HRU, for helping me get my dream job!”

    – Sirisha, Industrial Engineer
  • “HRU placed me in a great company. My work is interesting, challenging, creative, and very fulfilling. When my contract became long term, HRU was less like a contract house, and more like an offsite HR department. HRU treated me like one of their employees that just happens be off-site, comparable to a Resident Engineer. They have been the most supportive and considerate employer in my history. I get a faster response from HR at HRU than many of the direct hire employees get from people in the same building. If one prefers to work contract, HRU is the place to be.”

    – Deb, Senior Engineer
  • “I was unemployed from October 2017 to February 2018, so I was grateful to get an email from Jeff Hayes at HRU Technical Resources about a position that was a perfect fit for me. I interviewed and got the position. Now I am back in the working world once again! Jeff Hayes and Zach Jensen have been great. Any question or concern I have had has been addressed professionally by them and others at HRU.”

    – Greg, Mechanical Engineer