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2022 Could Be The Year of The Great Retention

After 2021—the year of The Great Resignation, The Great Realignment, or whatever term best describes your experience in HR—most of us are hoping 2022 and beyond will be a little less chaotic. But hope alone won’t shape a better future of work. The pandemic fundamentally altered employee priorities and expectations, and organizations must adapt. Employees aren’t just leaving their jobs for more money; they’re leaving because they have limited career opportunities, don’t feel valued, and lack flexible work options— essentially, they’re leaving to improve their quality of life. President of HRU Technical Resources Tim Sackett has collaborated with Oracle to bring you their newest eBook “2022 Could Be The Year of The Great Retention”.

Step by Step Guide to the H1B Process

Changes in the labor force and population trends show growing racial and ethnic diversity in the United States over the last 40 years. As the labor force becomes increasingly diverse, more foreign workers are entering the talent pool. The H1B Visa is a work authorization from the USCIS granting a nonimmigrant authorization to work in the United States if he or she qualifies under certain "specialty occupations”. To learn more about this process, HRU Technical Resources has created a free step by step guide with tips and easy-to-follow strategies from industry professionals.

Workplace Culture in the Digital World

Is your organization ready to evolve, emerge, and advance? To start 2022 with your best foot forward, HRU Technical Resources is here with our latest eBook focusing on Workplace Culture in the Digital World. With 5 easy-to-read chapters, filled with tips from industry pros, the latest and greatest technology recommendations, and winning digital workplace strategies, get ready to transform your culture and make an impact.

6 Things Your Candidates Want You To Know!

When it comes to communication in recruiting, there’s no one size fits all. An effective, professional, yet intimate communication strategy to boost hiring, candidate moral, and retention isn’t as easy as it sounds. In 2021, HRU Technical Resources surveyed over 1,600 candidates to help create stronger, more dependable recruiting communication strategies. And we’re taking you behind the scenes to give your organization a detailed look at what candidates really want from your organization.

How To Make 1 out of 4 Hires a Veteran

28.6% of total new hires at HRU Tech were Veterans in 2020. We stand proud in our ability to connect employers with transitioning service members and Veterans. Above all, their military experience is an asset to any workplace. But, making 1 out of 4 hires a veteran is no easy task. According to a major recruiting org’s survey, 80% of Organizations lack a veterans recruiting program. We want to change this. This free eBook is designed to advance your Veteran recruiting strategy to the next level. And, most importantly, help your organization recruit the heroes you deserve.

7 Tips to Accelerate Recruiter Performance Today!

If you want to get the top candidates, you need to hire fast. How fast? Surveys by Ere Medis prove some of the most valuable, indemand candidates are off the job market in as little as 10 days. If you don’t act in time, you’ll miss them. So buckle up, it’s time to accelerate your team’s recruiting process. This new eBook by HRU Tech President Tim Sackett is designed to do just that. 7 easy-to-follow ways to take your recruiting approach to the next level, and hire talent in a quicker, more effective way.

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Organization’s Diversity Representation!

We’ve been talking about Diversity and Inclusion in talent acquisition for decades. Yet, the vast majority of organizations and leaders still believe they are behind the curve when it comes to D&I representation in their organizations. Read Tim Sackett's latest on 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Organization’s Diversity Representation!

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 9

In this month's webinar Tim talks about Chapter 9 of The Talent Fix focusing on the future of talent acquisition... Artificial intelligence, snowflakes, rules our moms made for us... you know, the usual. So, what does the future of Talent Acquisition look like?

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 8

In this webinar Tim gets into Chapter 8 of The Talent Fix focusing on measurements, analytics, people who love analytics, and making it rain in TA. 'That Which Gets Measured, Happens!'

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 7

In this webinar Tim jumps into Chapter 7 of The Talent Fix focusing on employment branding, budget, and design. 'If You Build It, Talent Will Come!'

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 6

Tim Sackett talks about Chapter 6 of The Talent Fix. In this webinar Tim dives into "the TA Tech Stack for the rest of us".

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 4 & 5

Tim Sackett talks about Chapter 4 & 5 of The Talent Fix. In this webinar Tim dives into the two chapters creating the foundation of recruiting and talent acquisition.

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 3

Tim Sackett talks about Chapter 3 of The Talent Fix: Building Your "Perfect" Talent Acquisition Department with special guest Zach Jensen.

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 2

Tim Sackett talks about Chapter 2 of The Talent Fix: Talent Acquisition is The New HR. In this webinar Tim answers audience questions and gives real world advice.

The Talent Fix Book Club: Chapter 1

Tim Sackett talks about Chapter 1 of The Talent Fix: Recruiting Talent is Always Hardest in Your Industry?

The Talent Fix Book Club: Intro

This is the intro to Tim Sackett's The Talent Fix book club webinar series featuring a special guest.

The Talent Fix

This Ebook is not the full Talent Fix book, but an accompanying piece focused solely on the tech stack.

Contract vs Direct Hire

Contract, contingent labor is growing exponentially across the world, and one major reason is that it’s actually quite cost effective when combined as a talent attraction strategy. Many TA leaders get shocked by mark up percentages but when you break down the actual total cost of both contract and direct hires they are very similar, but built into the contract hire is also the cost of hire, so you’re basically getting your recruiting for free!