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Why Choose HRU

HRU Technical Resources is a contingent staffing firm, specializing in engineering, IT and technically related placements across multiple industries. HRU works for and is paid by our client partners. First and foremost, we work for you. Because of our leadership's unique position in the industry, we get to see, demo, and test all new recruiting technologies for potential additions to our enviable tech stack, keeping us on the forefront of all the latest recruiting technology in the world.

Utilizing our unmatched experience and tools, we fit the best technical talent in roles within companies that match them and their goals - and this isn't just lip service; we are ISO 9001/2015 certified. That means we have a third party auditor confirm that we do what we say we do when it comes to delivering quality candidates to our clients. If you are looking for technical talent or searching for a career, look no further than HRU.

  • The Best Tech Talent

    Our clients are looking for the best and they know that our time-tested recruiting strategies are how they get it.

  • Fast Results

    Urgency doesn't have to be a panic, and quality doesn't have to be sacrificed or speed. We find top-talent quickly.

  • Closing the Deal

    We don't let the perfect fit drop off in the process; our recruiters are experts at getting them through your doors.

  • Full Transparency

    Transparency of process and activity - finding top talent isn't a magic trick and staffing firms shouldn't make you feel as though it is.

  • Specialization

    HRU specializes in tech, but we have recruiters trained in even more specific niches within the industry.

  • Single Contact

    HRU gives you a single point of contact, so you never get the run-around. You can always be sure your needs are taken seriously and met with exceptional service.

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