Stop Hiring for a Culture “Fit”

Company culture is all the buzz. We’ve learned that culture weighs heavily on a candidate’s decision to apply to a job and to accept an offer. Companies have worked hard in the past few years to really improve and nurture their culture to be a part of their attractive talent brand.

The problem is that with this new and improved fostered culture, employers now tend to hire employees based on whether or not they feel the candidate is a culture fit. Of course, other factors such as their ability to do the job and learn new things play into their hiring decision as well. However, it’s not rare when making hiring decisions to hear a manager say something like, “Yeah, Susie was qualified for the job and interviewed great, but I think that Kevin is a better culture fit so we are going to extend him an offer”.

Hiring based on culture fit has given employers a new excuse to turn away candidates that would be a great addition to their team just because they are different then their typical hire.

A cultural fit is often seen as someone who thinks the same as everyone else on the team, comes from a similar background, and shares similar experiences. This leads to a major issue: the lack of diversity.

The solution? Hire for a cultural addition, not a “fit”. Look for someone that brings something unique to the team. Someone with different skills and knowledge. Someone with a different mindset. Someone that comes from a different background. Someone with different life experiences.

The more people you hire that make culture additions, the more diverse your organization becomes. As everyone knows by now, diverse companies see an increase in applicants, an improved retention rate, more innovation and creativity, and increased revenue.

So, whats stopping you from adding more diversity through culture additions?

Diversity matters. Diversity is good. Don’t be afraid to shake things up in your organization by embracing new faces that challenge the norm.

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