A Solution to Vacant Tech Positions

The amount of tech jobs in the U.S has greatly increased and yet many go unfilled. This is because employers are struggling to fill the skills gap. Having unfilled positions negatively impacts the top and bottom lines of business in ways that hiring managers tend to never even consider. To make matters even more challenging for employers, the market is being driven by candidates and is more competitive than ever. Companies need to act fast to bring in talent that meets their needs. One scalable solution for companies suffering from unfilled tech positions is to outsource their hiring to staffing firms and bring in contractors.

6 Benefits of Using Staffing Companies and Contractors to Fill Tech Roles

  1. The contract workforce in the U.S has grown 36% over the past five years. This workforce is projected to continue growing. Filling positions with contract workers opens up a new talent pool for hiring managers.
  2. Staffing firms have faster time-to-hire, especially if they specialize in tech hiring.
  3. Using contract workers minimizes companies turn over disruption.
  4. Contractors are a great solution when you have an immediate need for special projects or need to fill skill gaps.
  5. Staffing companies provide in-demand talent at more affordable rates.
  6. Makes high volume recruiting easier.

Instead of leaving tech positions unfilled, partnering with staffing agencies might just be the solution that companies in search of tech talent need.

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