Navigating Paid Leave Laws

By Teresa Carper

Navigating the various state Paid Leave Laws can be exhausting!  

If your company, like HRU, operates in multiple states then you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to stay on top of this ever growing trend.  I have two white boards in my office and one of them is solely dedicated to paid leave laws. 

But hold on, it doesn’t stop at the state level, you must also consider the state municipalities that may differ from the state law.  The number of hours that an employer must provide to eligible employees under the paid leave laws differ by state.  Similarly, accrual, use of paid time and roll-over of unused accrued time also differ.   

To help you out, I have created a chart that includes current states and municipalities requiring paid sick leave and or paid medical leave with a link to the state or local legislation.   The chart is below:

  Additionally, keep in mind that paid sick leave and paid medical leave are only a fraction of the leave laws employers are required to provide.  Make sure that your leave policies comply with your applicable state or local legislation to minimize the risk of legal claims such as retaliation, discrimination and or interference.   

Questions?  Feel free to reach out, I am here to help!  

Teresa Carper, Vice President of Operations

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